Make a teacher’s WISH come true! Posted October 17, 2019 by blacks46


The BMS Parent Teacher Organization is dedicated to supporting our teachers and staff in any way we can. This year we are committing our primary fundraising effort to make our teachers’ wishes come true for their classrooms. Last year we raised over $6000 to fund items such as armchairs for 6th grade, music tuners for band, pet care supplies for science, and much more. Let’s see if we can do even more this year!

After coordinating with Ms. Weidner, BMS teachers have identified their wish list items below. You can help fund these items by making a donation to the PTO. Donations may be made via cash or check made out to “BMS PTO” submitted to the BMS main office, or online at If you’d like your donation to be applied to specific items, either include a note with your donation, write it on your check memo line, or use the PayPal note field. Note that if an item has already been funded, we’ll roll your donation over to another request.

If you have any questions, concerns or ideas for additional resources for funding these items on this list, please contact us at

Thank you for your support of Blacksburg Middle School!

Subject Grade Item Total Requested Total Unfunded
All All A collection of tissues and band-aids for all classrooms to use when they run out $200 $200
All All Student appropriate laptop stickers as rewards for academic achievement $100 $100
Art All 3 new iPads for students to photograph their artwork and upload to online art gallery $1050 $1050
Band All New sheet music for all bands $1000 $1000
8th 80 Subway boxed lunches for trip to Homestead for band performance $560 $560
Bruin All Set of balls and activities for outdoor physical activities during Bruin time $900 $900
Choir All Books, software, speakers, and instruments to help improve musical literacy $750 $0
Drama Club All Supplies for drama club rehearsals, advertising, and productions $100 $100
Language Arts 6th Subscription to Scholastic Scope magazine $250 $100
6th Collection of graphic novels to help engage the kids and improve their literacy skills $200 $200
7th Collection of magazine subscriptions in support of Sustained Silent Reading program during enrichment time $500 $500
8th Collection of documentary DVDs for use in projects next semester $75 $75
Library All Set of “ShiftED” seats to revamp our instructional space in the center area of the Library into a more active learning space $1550 $550
Math 6th Electric pencil sharpeners, laminating sheets, and two-color counters $130 $0
Reading All Subscription to “Scholastic Action” magazine for use in reading time $130 $130
Science 6th Subscriptions to Scholastic News and Science Spin magazines $225 $0
7th PetSmart gift card to help provide supplies for animals in Life Science $700 $700
7th Lesson materials related to photosynthesis and cellular respiration $160 $160
8th Chinese Spouting Bowl for learning about sound waves and resonance $140 $140
8th Physical science curriculum bundle $200 $200
Social Studies 6th CanDo Donut Balls for flexible seating options $380 $0
7th 30 Kids Discover magazines—”Postwar Change and Growth”—for use in multiple study units $120 $120
Special Ed 6th Headphones for Google Read/Write and Learning Ally $100 $0
7th Board games for use in weekly team building $100 $100
7th Coffee maker and electric kettle to help open the “Brewin’ Bruins Coffee Shop” as part of an “I’m Determined” initiative $150 $150
Tech Ed All 2 Nikon Coolpix cameras for use in photography education and TSA competitions $500 $500
Total $10170 $7435