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The BMS Parent Teacher Organization is dedicated to supporting  our teachers and staff in any way we can. This year we have commited our primary fundraising effort to make our teachers wishes come true for their classrooms. Our hope is that by funding these resources, we can help teachers move their classrooms from ordinary to extraordinary.

For the last two months Ms Weidner has been meeting with the teachers and department heads to identify items to add to this Wish List.  With a donation of $7 per student every item on this wish list could be fully funded. We feel certain that the BMS community will be able to make these wishes come true!

If you would like to fund a specific item or items please note it on your donation. Know that if that item has already been funded we will roll your donation over to another request. You’ll notice some grades and departments haven’t made any requests. Hopefully we will have a surplus of wish list donations and we can fulfill another round of wishes.

Donations may be made via cash or check made out to BMS PTO- Wish List or online at

Choir Charter bus for VA Music Educators Association 2018 Conference.
Bel Canto choir, BMS’s auditioned 7/8th grade girls choir, applied for and were chosen to perform at the Virginia Music Educators Association 2018 Conference. This is a great honor for Bel Canto, for BMS, and for MCPS. Only 2 middle schools are selected to perform each year and this is the first time in the history of Blacksburg Middle School that one of our choirs has been chosen to perform.
In order to participate in this great opportunity, they have some added costs that we don’t come across during a typical school year.  Ms. Foiles is requesting that the PTO help combat some of these costs by helping pay for transportation to and from the event. They will be taking a charter bus, secured through Abbott Bus Lines, to the Homestead.

There are 28 students who will attend this conference.

Band 30 tuners $300
Sheet Music

Each piece of music is between $50 – $90 depending on the difficulty of the music.

Total students: 196 students

English Classroom novels & Project LIT book club

Dr. Passek and Mr. Whitten have started a chapter of this organization at Blacksburg Middle School. It would be helpful to have extra copies of the novels around in case we have more members join. The novels selected by the Project LIT Community feature diverse characters and relevant stories that provide a foundation from which to build engaging book discussions. Reading Project Lit books will allow our population (in which 78% of students identify as white) to see students from other races represented.

These books create an exciting opportunity by allowing students to peek into lives of those who are different from them.  Reading stories about those who are different from you builds empathy, allowing readers to see the world from a different perspective (Sims Bishop, 1990).  It also allows students to understand the importance of representation in all aspects of life.

Rug & Chair

Both items would be the centerpiece for my classroom library, where students are welcome to check out any of my books. It would encourage reading and give students a comfy place to enjoy a book when they’ve finished their work, or during enrichment.

Nonfiction books

Students generally score lower on nonfiction sections of the SOL, so providing fun and interesting reading materials that are nonfiction will help their reading comprehension.

A Series of Unfortunate Events (complete series) $87

The fidget items are used during read aloud book time to improve focus and comprehension. Students enjoy coloring (which I provide the materials for), but these items would help students who don’t like coloring.

Novel Units to support the history classes and work on reading strategies, vocabulary, writing, and literary elements. $597
Special Education Functional Word Reader Kit $210
Group sets of the Bluford novels

We would like 12 copies of 7 different books. These continue the stories of novels we already have in our program sets, which the students are engaged in and enjoying reading.

Social Studies 18 Chromebook Chargers

2 Chromebook chargers per teacher

Science Pet care supplies

Food and heating lamps/pads for the reptiles and other animals in the 7th grade. The animals play a role in enriching the life science program by giving students experience with caring for the animals, understanding the needs and adaptations of different types of animals, and providing an opportunity to observe events in the life cycle of these animals. The cost of providing appropriate care for the animals exceeds the science budget significantly as animals need live and specialized foods.   

Breakout Boxes

We currently have two that we are using to engage students in science curricula through collaboration and problem solving. It is logistically difficult to have an entire class working on the tasks at the same time because we only have two physical boxes. We are eventually hoping to get/make four to six more boxes. These can be used with any curriculum topic throughout the sciences (or other classes).  This would enable students to collaborate and communicate in small groups to solve physical puzzles and provide an engaging immersive curriculum experience.

Would serve all students

6th grade 4 Armchairs for the 6th grade collaborative learning area at the end of the hallway $325
Total $6,080

Thank you for your support of Blacksburg Middle School,


If you have any questions, concerns or ideas for additional resources for funding these items on this list, please contact us at