Top Notch Titans (TNT) Posted October 15, 2017 by blacks46


Has your child’s teacher provided that needed extra incentive? Have you thought to yourself …wow, that was a creative way of teaching that? Has one of our custodians found that little lost item and placed it where it could be found? Do we really appreciate the car drop off line staff that look after the safe arrival and departure of our kiddos? Is your bus driver just amazing? Are our counselors just as kind as could be? Did our front office staff manage to hold that bus so your kiddo was able to catch it?! Or…just how do our cafeteria staff manage all those meals for so many kiddos? These are just a few examples that our amazing BMS family put forth every day that perhaps goes unnoticed, or maybe you notice and haven’t acknowledged. Well…it’s time to show our appreciation!

The BMS PTO would like to invite all parents, students, staff, administration and faculty to participate in a new initiative. Top Notch Titans (TNT) is a new endeavor designed to acknowledge the efforts –big and small– that make a difference in our lives. Beginning on Monday, October 16, 2017, you can acknowledge these efforts by submitting an email to Each week, these emails will be retrieved, printed and those teachers, faculty and staff will receive the note in their mailbox along with a kiss (a Hershey’s Kiss that is). You may request that your note be anonymous or name included.

It’s nice to be appreciated isn’t it? Let’s let them know that we notice!!!